Colombian Jargon Survival Tips Guide. Undoubtedly my favorite favorite places in Latin The usa, this Colombian slang tips guide will assist you to easily fit in.

Colombian Jargon Survival Tips Guide. Undoubtedly my favorite favorite places in Latin The usa, this Colombian slang tips guide will assist you to easily fit in.

Colombian Jargon Survival Tips Guide. Undoubtedly my favorite favorite places in Latin The usa, this Colombian slang tips guide will assist you to easily fit in.

The next day may be the finally day’s our two thirty day period charge in Colombia and I’m advancing.

When I first found its way to Colombia I happened to be most annoyed because We possibly could certainly not comprehend Colombians. Colombian jargon features its own couple of expression and jargon.

I used to ben’t positive that it actually was since they comprise mumbling, chatting rapidly or a combination of each.

Colombia try a nation with a large number of locals and many different accessories throughout.

This adds alone to several varieties statement are taken across the country. Further down, are among the most popular Colombian slang phrase, Colombian slang insults and Colombian slang hi generally speaking.

Dinner table of elements

Important Colombian Jargon

The one thing used to do realize is the fact there certainly is a terrific total expressions that I didn’t comprehend:


Listo virtually means ‘ready’ but their furthermore made use of if a thing is smart or great or ok.

I hear this many times daily nevertheless when I first of all emerged I was thinking individuals were constantly wondering me basically was prepared.


With tasty aguardiente as well as other scrumptious Colombian beverage it really is far too an easy task to come to be hungover.

In Mexico they call it crudo, this means fresh. But the Colombian Spanish for hangover happens to be guayabo.

Instance: Este guayabo myself va a matar…(EN) This hangover will probably kill myself.


That’s correct, this English keyword is employed many in Colombia that is regularly relate to men, a boy or a youngster.

Case: Este dude es muy buena persona (This people is a very excellent people).

a la orden

Colombians are extremely polite as there are a sense of formality as part of the message.

Anybody helping one, from a minicab motorist to a grocery store worker will talk about this to you personally. They actually means ‘to order’ but is much much like ‘at your own service’.

I did not appreciate this one at all, specially when I would personally complain to taxi vehicle operators they happened to be charging me too very much therefore reacted with this particular term which really recommended bring on the cab gringa.


That is put a good deal in Colombia and pertains to whenever a person feels satisfied or safe a number of room or condition.

Instance: “Te veo bastante amanado en la fiesta” o “te veo muy amanada en tu nueva casa” (EN) “we help you happy on celebration” or “we help you very happy within your brand new home”

Con mucho gusto

Another Colombian pleasantry that are complicated. When in almost every state this implies ‘nice in order to meet you’ I began experiencing they here from waitresses alongside provider consumers whenever I thanked them.


Caliente cannot just imply hot but inaddition it suggests steamy in Colombian slang. I knew this the tough approach if my favorite party lover decided not to recognize I found myself mentioning i used to be beautiful environment wise.

Improve: A kind buddy simply wrote me it had been because we claimed estoy cliente not tengo calor. Tutorial mastered.

Realizar una vaca

Although this Colombian jargon equals build a cow. It isn’t really remote.

The term “Hacer la vaca” or “Hagamos la vaca” is about gathering money among many everyone for a particular intent.

Colombians do so too much to pick delicacies, for vacations, for functions, for 1st birthdays, etc.

Instance: Hagamos una vaca para irnos de paseo el fin de semana. (En) Let’s pool our cash collectively to take escape for its week end.


Should you wish to fit into you have to drop ‘si’ and begin utilizing hometown understand.


Colombians enjoy marvel at beauty and bonita, hermosa, guapa and preciosa weren’t trimming they; you’ll usually listen these people incorporate lindo/linda to descibe attractive issues.


This may easily likewise suggest “Monkey” but also in Colombia is used considerably “mico o simio” to mention to a monkey.

Mono is used a lot to make reference to a golden-haired person (it is stated with passion), very, if you find yourself a foreigner and blonde, may hear most that they label we “Mono” or “Mona” when you are a escort in Spokane girl.

Instance: You’re in a local store and additionally they say “Que se ce procura mono” “What things can i really do for yourself, blondie?


All methods to claim a thing is fantastic although evidently chimba trumps chevre much the same way awesome trumps sweet.

But watch out because chimba furthermore denotes feminine genitalia – although notably nice to find the two a minimum of appropriated it in a beneficial lamp.


Actually accustomed mean someone who is a very friend, who is like a sister and that is often through the happy times and terrible.

In Colombia relatives additionally become area of the kids, although in Colombia they are also extremely genial and additionally they utilize parcero becoming even more helpful and input self-confidence.


Like our cut construction in french ‘por support’ becomes intolerable for quite a few Colombians consequently it’s being porva. This was really the only jargon that irritated me while I would never select the verb in just about any dictionary.

When we learned these The way we wish felt like there was used my Spanish to a different stage, admittedly this is certainly right now but the next day I’ll be in Ecuador where is a new portion of construction to recognise.


This expression can relate to a subject, condition or motion. For example: “?los cuales problema con esa vaina!” or “Se dano esa vaina…”.

The English translation is actually “What an issue with that thing!” or “That thing is actually wrecked!…”

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